Stuart A Staples

lucky dog recordings 03-04

  • 1. Somerset House:
  • 2. Say Something Now:
  • 3. Marseilles sunshine:
  • 4. Friday Night:
  • 5. Shame on you:
  • 6. Untitled:
  • 7. Dark days:
  • 8. People fall down:
  • 9. She don't have to be good to me:
  • 10. I've come a long way:

lucky dog recordings 03-04 released 11/07/05 cd/lp

This album grew out of a collection of one-off recordings, usually played only once, for no particular reason. Mostly from a session one morning around April 03 when Suzanne told me to 'just go and make something' when she became fed up with me moping around.

Accidental piano loops, old trombone ideas, snippets of rhythms and drones, a recent purchase of an old Lowrey organ all seemed to hold something new for me. I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn't. After years of making beautifully crafted music with the band, I felt more than ready to appreciate the ugly and awkward. Now I realise the albums I couldn't help but listen to at the time were Springsteen's 'Nebraska' and Cabaret Voltaire's 'Voice of America', I suppose it makes some kind of sense.

Over time each idea asked for for more and gradually other players came 'round and helped them along. David Boulter played much of the organ and harmonium, myself and Neil Fraser had an afternoon together and made the basis for 'Say something now' and 'Shame on you'. Terry Edwards played the saxes and arranged the silver band on 'I've come a long way'. Thomas Belhom added the drums and Yann Tiersen played the piano on 'She don't have to be good to me'. 'Huge and Stout' of the 'Tiger Lillies' gave 'People fall down' its rhythm and Gina Foster sang. Ian Caple brought invaluable expertise to the mixing stage and Suzanne helped me take the plant photos, that had been growing in my mind while I was working on the music.